HRH The Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh

The City Council would like to express its sincere condolences to Her Majesty The Queen on the death of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Councillors Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities of a Councillor


The Chairman of the Council:

  • Will have an understanding of the role of the Chairman
  • Will take control at meetings and be effective in their management
  • Will allow all attendees equal opportunity to contribute at meetings
  • Will have good listening and communicating skills
  • Will agree agendas and minutes with the City Clerk
  • Will take advice from the City Clerk
  • Will seek out public opinion


The Leader of the Council:

  • Will provide effective leadership and direction for the Council
  • Will provide representation for the Council with external bodies & other organisations
  • Will ensure that the Council manages its' business within agreed financial limits



  • Will have an understanding of the role of the Parish Council
  • Will be jointly responsible & accountable for decisions made by the Council
  • Will be aware of legislation & policies at national, regional and local level
  • Will observe the code of conduct
  • Will participate and observe the rules of debate
  • Will have a basic understanding of employment law & equalities legislation
  • Will have knowledge of local community needs and priorities
  • Will be aware of the work of the area board
  • Will be aware of the Wiltshire Council Core Strategy
  • Will be aware of planning development control
  • Will aim to build appropriate relationships & interact effectively with Officers