Diaspora - Exhibition (Online)

Tuesday 20 October 2020, -
To Wednesday 23 December 2020

A groundbreaking exhibition at Salisbury Arts Centre will bring together artists and makers of African/Caribbean heritage to showcase their work, not previously seen in Salisbury. This exhibition was originally cancelled due to the Covid lockdown and we are very happy to be able to realise it now.

N.B. Following the second lockdown Salisbury Arts Centre is currently closed - when the Arts Centre can reopen this Exhibition will now be extended until 9 January 2021)

A video was produced before the second lockdown and is available to view online along with the exhibition handout which is downloadable on https://www.wiltshirecreative.co.uk/whats-on/exhibitions/diaspora-exhibition/

Diaspora is an exceptional opportunity to appreciate and collect work by artists who bring fresh viewpoints to contemporary arts practice.

In relation to art, the term 'Diaspora' has been used to discuss artists who have migrated from one part of the world to another and who express their diverse experience of culture and identity in their work; often expressing alternative narratives, challenging ideas and structures of the art world.

Artists are...
Ade Adesina – art print
Atta Kwami – painting
Chris Bramble – ceramics
Clifton Powell – painting
Freya Bramble-Carter – ceramics
Lolonyo Amegayibor-Bunge – jewellery
Onome Otite – collage
Rich Miller – ceramics
Ronaldo Wiltshire – ceramics
Wole Lagunju – painting

Diaspora is co-curated with Rachel Oteng-Lartey and is a co-produced by New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham and Wiltshire Creative.

Diaspora Exhibition works of art

Location : Salisbury Arts Centre