Salisbury Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Membership Application

The closing date for receipt of the completed application form is midnight, Sunday 10th March.

Architecture, Business and employment, Communication and marketing, Community Engagement, Education, Finance, Green Space and play, Healthcare and wellness, Historic Environment, Housing, Infrastructure Funding, Local Government, Project Management, Retail and town centre management, Sport and Recreation, Tourism, Town Planning, Transport, Working with the “hard to reach”

There will only be a limited number of places on the Steering Group.
Members will be chosen to ensure that the group has the best range of skills possible so it may be the case that very good candidates will not be chosen because there is simply not enough space. However, it is important that as many people as possible are able to share their skills as the neighbourhood plan progresses. There will be plenty of work and we will need many hands.

Even if you have not been successful it is likely that we will value your future input when we come to select topic groups and will contact you then if you have selected “Yes” in the box above.

Assessment Criteria

Community representation

  • Ability to represent a wide sector of the community
  • Proven track record in community leadership
  • No obvious vested interest or conflict of interest

Personal qualities

  • Likely to remain on the steering group for the full term
  • Likely to fully participate in steering group, meeting the scope of the role
  • Good communicator (if known)


  • Has strong skills in at least one relevant topic
  • Has complementary skills relative to other members of the steering group
  • Local knowledge