Our Competitions

2018 Summer Competitions

An Awards Ceremony was held at the Guildhall, Salisbury on the 18th September 2018 to recognise the hard work of volunteers as well as celebrate the Scarecrow, Gardens and Allotment Competition.

The evening was introduced by David Bradley, Environmental Services Manager and certificates handed out by the Deputy Mayor of Salisbury, Councillor John Walsh.

Many congratulations to everyone who took part.

Awards were given as follows:

Scarecrow Competition 2018

1st - Mr Potato Head created by the Early Intervention Service

Mr Potato Head 

2nd - The Happy Gardener created by Amanda White and David Shearing

The Happy Gardener

3rd - Mr Stripey created by Mrs M Drake

Mr Stripey


Volunteer of the Year was given to Janet Mitchell, Friends of Victoria Park

Life Time Achievement – Pam Rouquette (to recognise the many environmental and wildlife groups Pam has been involved with over the years)

Garden Competition 2018

Silver Awards: 
Jess Voremberg

Cooks Court 1 Jess

Mrs M Drake

Mrs Drake

Silver Gilt Awards:
Mrs Mary Reardon

Church Street 2

Rama’s Garden (8th Salisbury Beaver and Cub Group)

Ramas Garden 1

Gold Awards:
Keith and Kathy Lawrence

Keith and Kathy Lawrence

Robert Stokes and Bricket’s Almshouses Community Garden

Robert Stokes 11

Gold Gilt Award:
Braemar Lodge

Braemar 1

Allotment Competition 2018

The Butts: 1st Terence White; Joint 2nd Sandra Ellis with David Shearing and Amanda White; 3rd Mr C R Whatley 

Coldharbour Lane: 1st Francis Bray; 2nd David Bugden

Cow Lane: 1st Keith Lawrence; 2nd Richard Fuller; 3rd Mr J C Allnutt

Fisherton Farm: 1st Debbie Neale (Fisherton A); 2nd Nigel Anstey; 3rd Marianne Clare (Fisherton A)

London Road: 1st David Waspe; 2nd Mr P Edginton; 3rd Peter Tenty

Tunnel: 1st Mrs Mary Reardon; 2nd Mr S Day; 3rd Mr D A Dolding

Warres Acres: 1st Richard Shaw; 2nd John Toon; 3rd Tony Oke

Warres Acre and Wiltshire Road: 1st Richard Shaw; 2nd John Toon; 3rd Mr and Mrs P Allenby-Brake

OVERALL WINNER – Keith Lawrence

2017 Competition Winners

Wednesday 20 September 2017 saw the presentation of prizes for the Summer Competitions. The awards ceremony was held in The Guildhall and certificates were presented by the Mayor of the City of Salisbury, Cllr Mr John Lindley.

Many CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who took part.

Awards were as follows:

Scarecrow Competition 2017– Judged by the Mayor of the City of Salisbury

1st – Robert Stokes and Bricket’s Almshouses
2nd – Rebecca Clayton
3rd – Anne-Marie, Fred and Arthur Fieber
4th – Mrs M K Drake

1st resize jpg2nd resize jpg3rd resize jpg4th resize jpg

Garden Competition 2017 – Judged by Bob Skutt and Polly Mason

Bronze Awards: Mrs M K Drake; The George and Dragon

Silver Awards: Bemerton Lodge; The Old Ale House; Sadie Robertson; The Old House Bed and Breakfast

Silver Gilt Awards: Hussey’s Almshouses; St Edmunds Gate Garden; Grasmere House Hotel

Gold Awards: Mrs Mary Reardon; Kathy and Keith Lawrence; Mr John Reardon; Robert Stokes and Bricket’s Almshouses Community Gardens

Gold Gilt Award: Braemar Lodge

Volunteer Certificates of Achievement were given to:

The Friends of Harnham Slope
The Friends of Middle Street Meadow
The Richmond Fellowship
Macklin Road Residents Association
Lime Kiln Way Volunteers
Avon Valley Volunteers
The Friends of Victoria Park

Volunteer of the Year was given to John Drewett for his dedication to the play area at Macklin Road. 

Allotment Competition 2017

The Butts: 1st Terence White; 2nd Sandra Ellis; 3rd David Shearing and Amanda White

Coldharbour Lane: 1st Francis Bray; 2nd Eleanora Morris; 3rd Penny Hardiman

Cow Lane: 1st Richard Fuller; 2nd Keith Lawrence; 3rd Mr J C Allnutt

Fisherton Farm: 1st Mrs Marianne Clare; 2nd Mr J Haggaty; 3rd Mr P Clarke

London Road: 1st P Edgemeton; Joint 2nd Mr Horace Cyphus; Joint 2nd Mary Lanyon; 3rd Karen Payne

Stratford Road: 1st Mr and Mrs C R Whatley; 2nd Christine Pape

Tunnel: 1st Mrs Mary Reardon; 2nd Mr D A Dolding

Warres Acres: 1st Richard Shaw; 2nd John Toon; 3rd Tony Oke

Wiltshire Road: 1st Ray Schwender; 2nd Maureen Alleny-Brake; 3rd R Jackson

OVERALL WINNER – Terence White of The Butts

Wardens' Awards 2017

The Butts: Best Newcomer Ashley and Brian Browning; Best Achiever Sandra Ellis 

Coldharbour Lane: Best Newcomer Eleanora Morris; Best Achiever J Poulton

Cow Lane: Best Newcomer Alison and Gerry Hill; Best Achiever Angie Bywater

Fisherton Farm A: Best Newcomer Debbie Neale: Best Achiever Mr M Jackson

Fisherton Farm B: Best Newcomer Andy and Deborah Cooper: Best Achiever Mrs J Griffin

Fisherton Farm C: Best Newcomer David Ball and Paul Tunnicliffe; Best Achiever Keith Barnes

Fisherton Farm D: Best Newcomer Chadya Onyewuchi: Best Achiever Mike Talbot

London Road: Best Newcomer Ben Impey: Best Achiever Lyn Nakib

Stratford Road: Best Newcomer Christine Pape; Best Achiever Mr C Whatley

Tunnel: Best Newcomer Helen Crome: Best Achiever Mrs M Coulson

Warres Acre: Best Newcomer Ian Courtney;Best Achiever Peter Arrandale

Wiltshire Road: Best Newcomer Adam Wingfield; Best Achiever Paul Onstenk

2016 Competition Winners:

At an awards ceremony at the Guildhall on Wednesday 21st September, Salisbury City Council celebrated winners in this year’s Allotment, Scarecrow and Gardens Competitions. Certificates and prizes were presented by the Mayor of Salisbury, Councillor Mr Derek Brown.

Many "congratulations" to everyone who took part and particularly the winners below:

Allotment Competition 2016

The annual allotment competition saw entries across all the allotment sites, with Mr Terry White being awarded a cup for the best plot overall.  

See here for a full list of the Allotment Competition winners for 2016.

Gardens Competition 2016

The gardens were judged by Jane Brine of Dairy House Plants, Diane Poynting and Parks Officer, Polly Mason.

The following awards were given:

Gold Gilt
A London Road Garden

London Road 1London Road 2London Road 3London Road 4

Braemar Lodge
A Church Road Garden
The Grasmere House Hotel
A Greenwood Avenue Garden
The Old House Bed and Breakfast

Silver Gilt
Bemerton Lodge Day Centre
Harnham Croft Nursing Home
Hussey’s Almshouses
Sarum St Pauls C of E Primary School
Westwood House


The George and Dragon
A Swiftdown Garden
The Old Mill Hotel

Scarecrow Competition 2016

The Scarecrow Competition was judged by The Mayor of Salisbury, Councillor Derek Brown.

1st Place – ‘The Mad Hatter’ created by Braemar Lodge

The Mad Hatter 1

2nd Place – ‘Mrs Scarum Crow’ by Sarum St Pauls C of E Primary School

Mrs Sarum CrowMrs Sarum Crow 3

3rd Place – ‘Bo Peep’ made by Harnham Croft Nursing Home

Bo Peep 2