The Guildhall

photo of salisbury guildhall

This Grade II listed building offers a suite of beautiful and well-equipped rooms for weddings, conferences, parties and other functions as well as housing the City Council offices. The Guildhall is an asset for the people of Salisbury and as we know it today is the fourth such building within the city of Salisbury.

The first Guildhall dates back to Medieval times, when it was known as “The Bishop’s Guildhall”. Then, the building was under the Bishop's control, from where he exercised his feudal rights of criminal and civil justice.

The Merchants Guild which helped to represent early self-government, was instead housed in The Semple-house, which was situated near St. Thomas’ Church. However, in 1585 the guild built a new headquarters called “The Council House”, to the north of The Bishop’s Guildhall, near to where the present War Memorial stands.

In 1780, The Council House was burnt down after a banquet. The second Earl of Radnor, the City Recorder, then made the generous offer of providing a new building at his own expense. At the same time, the opportunity was taken to clear up the situation regarding The Bishop’s Guildhall. This building had fallen into a ruinous condition, with the Bishop unable to afford its upkeep. In 1795 an Act of Parliament was passed providing for the surrender of the Bishop’s rights to the Guildhall, on condition of there being provided a new City Gaol.

The new Guildhall was built practically on the site of the old one. Alterations were made to the building in 1829 which led to the addition of the Grand Jury Room, extensions to the size of the courts and new accommodation for the judges. Since that date, other alterations have been made, including extensive internal alterations. In 2011, the Guildhall became the home of Salisbury City Council.

The Guildhall has had two major refurbishments in the last 25 years the most recent being in 2011.

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