Workers’ Memorial Window Display

on Tuesday, 28 April 2020.

Every year on 28 April International Workers’ Memorial Day is commemorated throughout the world as a time when those who have died at work or through work related injury or illness are remembered and renewed effort is given to preventing these tragedies for the future.

Although until now mainly commemorated by Trade Unions, Workers’ Memorial Day (WMD) is more poignant today than ever. The day is a memorial to workers from all industries and for all those who have died at work however the Coronavirus pandemic has affected every worker regardless of sector or location and tens of thousands of workers worldwide have died as a result of it.

Salisbury City Council officially recognised WMD by participating in the Government’s 1 minute silence at 11am. The Deputy Mayor, Cllr Caroline Corbin unveiled a window display outside the Guildhall as a memorial to those lost recently. She said “We find ourselves in very strange times where we have become reliant on the kindness of our communities to take steps to protect each other. Regardless of which industry you work in be it in the military or collecting refuse, driving buses and trains or delivering food, retail workers, postal workers (who are now busier than at Christmas), carers visiting the housebound or the volunteers who have stepped forward to help fill the gaps we thank you for your hard work in these difficult times”

Cllr John Walsh, the Mayor was also present but kept appropriate social distancing measures reflected that “Our NHS workers are hardest hit as they care for those afflicted with this dreadful virus. The losses have taken from all faiths and ethnicities, which truly defines us as one race. We are grateful for all the staff working tirelessly at Salisbury District Hospital many who are putting in long hours away from their families to save the lives of others. The Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare Assistants, and other key staff who cannot work from home but are much needed to keep the healthcare system running”.

The display which can be seen in the front window of the Guildhall will remain in place for a month to allow those who pass by to take their own moment of reflection. There is also a Trade Union memorial plaque in Churchill Gardens.