Update from Services Committee on Monday 10 February

on Wednesday, 12 February 2020.

The Salisbury City Council Services Committee took place on Monday 10 February at Salisbury Guildhall from 6.30pm and reported on the Environmental Policy Action Plan, Crematorium and CCTV.

Salisbury City Council declared a Climate Emergency on 17th June 2019. Since then, an Environmental Policy was created and £56,000 was agreed to fund its action plan during 2019/20.

The City Council are working to make the City as carbon neutral as possible by 2030 and are working with partners to achieve “clean air” in Salisbury by 2022.

A Climate Change workshop, organised by the City Council and Wiltshire Council, will be held on Wednesday 27 February 2020. The forum will focus on ways that the councils and community can work together on local initiatives to tackle climate change over the next 12-18 months as suggested by Salisbury residents.

Councillor Sven Hocking, Chair of the Services Committee would like to remind everybody that this is a public meeting and everybody is welcome to share their views on the environmental future of the City.

It was decided at a Full Council meeting on 21st January 2020 that £10,000 will be spent on tree planting on land owned or maintained by Salisbury City Council. It has also been agreed that no replacement diesel vehicles are to be purchased in the future by the City Council.

The City Council is procuring technical assistance to establish and calculate its current carbon, water, waste and paper footprint.

Clean Air Day in June 2020 will be supported by the Salisbury City Council and will supply free use of the Market Place for the cause.

The crematorium was also discussed at the Services meeting. It will be undergoing improvements including Higher Maintenance standards in the Garden of Remembrance, a webcasting facility, tribute screens and ongoing upkeep of the Crematorium building.

Aged and damaged memorials and flowers continue to be removed promptly and overall the grounds remain to be tidy and managed well. The City Council’s Parks Team are refining the open spaces with a programme of tree works and a plan has been implemented to tidy up and improve both London Road and Devizes Road cemeteries.

We are delighted that the new Avenue Cemetery is being received very well and 12 interments have taken place there since its opening in October 2019.

The last key topic discussed at the Services meeting on Monday was Salisbury’s CCTV.

The City Council took on responsibility for the operation of the CCTV system from Salisbury CityWatch in September 2018. The team of professionally trained volunteers are putting in an increasing amount of hours at its CCTV control room in Bourne Hill. The number of volunteers are growing and they are looking for more; information on this can be found on the City Council website.

Salisbury CCTV work in partnership with Salisbury Police on a daily basis to spot crime and anti-social behaviour in the city. An example of the type of work operators are involved with are assisting police to catch a known bike thief by capturing the registration plate of his vehicle. CCTV has helped police with missing persons enquiries as well as supporting ShopWatch and PubWatch through the digital radio link which has had success in catching shoplifters, drug offences and other crimes.

Visit our website for more information on Salisbury City Council services: www.salisburycitycouncil.gov.uk