Tender Opportunity: Salisbury Guildhall Installations

on Friday, 08 January 2021.

Salisbury City Council are looking for proposals to produce a series of four installations on the front of Salisbury Guildhall throughout the year.

These installations should primarily be themed around promoting the public to take selfies/photos and engage with the building and its advertising.

The installation should be engaging enough that it would catch the eye, become a local talking point, and be shared on social media. The purpose would be to promote the building in the public’s consciousness, and increase footfall to the area/inside the building (Covid permitting)

Ideally, there would be four different installations over the year which should each have their own theme. There is a preference for a tie in to Valentine’s Day and Halloween, and the other two dates are likely to be in June and September.

The Guildhall has steps leading up to a large portico supported by columns which would all be available for an installation. Access to the building would still need to be maintained.

An example would be for an installation on the front steps and pillars that promotes the classical ideas of romance to be in place over the week of Valentines. This would be something that is either advertised as a selfie spot or is interesting and exciting enough that it would naturally become one.

In this example we would furnish the area or indoors (Covid permitting) with our own wedding advertisements.

Please submit your ideas and pricing in writing to lharris@salisburycitycouncil.gov.uk by Friday 22nd January 2021. Preference will be given to local suppliers.