Reed Bed Restoration

on Thursday, 04 September 2014.

Work is now underway on the restoration of the reed bed to the north of the Avon Valley Nature Reserve; the next part of the overall conservation and enhancement project that saw the boardwalk replaced and improved over the summer.

As with the boardwalk, the work has been jointly organised and funded by Salisbury City Council, the Environment Agency, Natural England and Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.

“The plan is to excavate and remove soil from the reed bed ahead of re-grading the area” said the Wildlife Trust’s Martijn Antheunisse. “This will enable us to create the open water, wetlands and higher areas that would have characterised the reed bed in the past; we are essentially returning the reed bed to its proper condition.”

The work - again being completed by Aquascience who are local specialists - is expected to take up to a month, with a finish date in early October.

The footpaths in the area, including the new boardwalk, are all set to remain open while the work goes on with the exception of the connecting boardwalk parallel to the top of the reed bed. There may be some disruptions and delays to allow for crossing machinery. There will be notices on site throughout the project highlighting routes and crossing points, and members of the public are asked to kindly follow any instructions on these signs – or instructions from Aquascience’s team.

To find out more about the project please contact Salisbury City Council on 01722 342860 or visit our website