New tree pit coverings to be laid in the centre of Salisbury

on Monday, 21 February 2022.

Salisbury City Council is working with Vita Play Limited to lay new tree pit coverings in and around Salisbury Market Place.

The works will start from the first week of March for 2 to 3 weeks to replace the existing resin surface which is starting to degrade. The new rhyno mulch surface will be an improvement over the existing resin surface as it is more hard wearing and environmentally friendly.

The process will first involve removing any sharp and unnecessary parts of the existing stone surface without damaging the tree roots and weed suppressing membrane will be laid over the area. The new rhyno mulch will then be laid in the tree pits, working around businesses to avoid disruption.

Deriving from recycled solid rubber that would usually go to landfill, the new material will allow water to pass through, keeping the trees hydrated without interfering with the important absorption of materials and goodness of the soil that the trees require to flourish.

Furthermore, the rhyno mulch surface will be an autumn blend colour, resembling leaves that have fallen to the ground during autumn, offering a very natural looking surface.

Councillor Annie Riddle, who is a part of the Council Leadership Group said, “The new tree pit coverings will be a fantastic improvement for the trees and overall appearance of the Market Place. By using this new surface material, we can make sure that the beautiful trees will be well protected and live a healthy life in the centre of our city.”