A budget statement from the Leaders of Salisbury City Council

Tuesday, 17 January 2023

Yesterday on Mon 16 Jan 2023 at a meeting of the Full Council, Salisbury City Council agreed a rise in the precept of £102 per year. This means that those who pay Band D tax council will pay £335 per year, and those at Band C will pay £297.78, Band B £260.56 and Band A £223.33.  Within the City 60% of properties are Band D and below, with the most numerous band being Band C.  Full details of the budget agreed can be seen on the council website here https://bit.ly/3Wi2XMr

An update on the expansion of the City Council’s Streetscene and Park’s Teams

Thursday, 15 December 2022

Since 1 December 2022, all of the street cleaning and maintenance of the city parks and open spaces has been carried out by the Salisbury City Council team.  The council contract with Idverde ended on 30 November and several of their workers transferred to the in-house team.  Since that time, the City Council has worked hard to deliver the high standards local residents have come to expect.

City Council's Streetscene and Parks Team to be fully in house from 1st December

Monday, 28 November 2022

The City Council is delighted to announce that from Thursday 1 Dec 2022 all street cleaning and maintenance of the city’s parks and open spaces will be undertaken by a team of wholly Salisbury City Council employees.  Previously, parts of these services had been delivered by Idverde, but in Oct 2020 the City Council agreed that these services should be brought in house. By bringing these services in house it is hoped to provide more efficient and locally controlled services. An unavoidable consequence of the period of transition will be a temporary reduction of staffing levels until the recruitment process restores staffing to greater capacity. Obviously, this will in turn, temporarily result in a slightly reduced level of service. Some workers who previously worked for Idverde will transfer across to Salisbury City Council and will bring their experience of working in the city with them which will really benefit the team.

Winner of The Mayor of Salisbury Christmas Card Competition announced

Wednesday, 23 November 2022

This year the Mayor of Salisbury, Cllr Tom Corbin held a Christmas card competition and encouraged local children up to the age of 13 years old to design his annual Christmas Card. The cards will be sent locally and to overseas destinations such as the Sister Cities in Maryland USA and the Twinning Cities of both Xanten and Saintes.

Temporary reduction of litter bins

Thursday, 17 November 2022

Salisbury City Council is temporarily removing some litter bins from the city streets. This is because the Council is in the process of taking on some services previously provided by Idverde, who are contractors working for Wiltshire Council. There are sound financial reasons for doing this, and ultimately it will make the service more efficient and effective for Salisbury residents.