Flood Wardens

Flood Wardens provide a link between the local community, emergency services and Wiltshire Council.flood land in salisbury

They give real time information about flood conditions in the event of a flood. 

There are currently 22 Flood Wardens with a Councillor who is the Flood Co-Ordinator.

Salisbury City Council is seeking Flood Wardens for the City. 

View the PDFs below for more information on the Flood Warden training which would be provided:

Understanding Flooding Roles
Flood Risk Awareness

For more information and to get involved, please contact flooding@salisburycitycouncil.gov.uk 

  What Flood Wardens do
Before a flood • Understand flood risk within their local area
• Identify properties at risk of flooding
• Identify vulnerable individuals
• Attend flood plan training and exercises
• Help raise flood awareness 
• Assist with the recruitment of Flood Wardens
During a flood • Prioritise their own safety at all times 
• Follow procedures set out in their Flood Plan 
• Relay information to the local community 
• Follow guidance from the emergency services at all times 
• Provide the emergency services with local knowledge and information 
• Collect information about the flood
After a flood • Submit information they have collected about the flood
• Help to relay information to the local community