Steering Group Agendas & Notes

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Community consultation events May and June 2019

Salisbury Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group hosted six public consultation events between May and June 2019. 

Click here to view data from these events.

Salisbury Neighbourhood Plan Draft Vision

Salisbury Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has collated data from six public consultation events in May and June into a Draft Vision document which can be read here

Steering Group Agendas and Minutes

09.04.19 Agenda
09.04.19 Minutes

16.04.19 Agenda
16.04.19 Minutes

14.05.19 Agenda
14.05.19 Minutes

11.06.19 Agenda
11.06.19 Minutes

09.07.19 Agenda
09.07.19 Minutes

10.9.19 Agenda
10.9.19 Minutes

09.10.19 Agenda
09.10.19 Minutes

12.11.19 Agenda
12.11.19 Minutes

10.12.19 Agenda
10.12.19 Minutes

14.1.20 Agenda
14.1.20 Minutes