Neighbourhood Planning

Salisbury City Council is preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan that will help shape and guide future development in our city.

Neighbourhood planning gives communities the power to develop a shared vision for their area. The policies in the neighbourhood plan can have a long-term positive impact upon the future of Salisbury. The plan will add local detail to Wiltshire planning policies based on the priorities identified by the Salisbury community.

The neighbourhood plan will be prepared alongside other Wiltshire Council projects such as the Central Area Framework and the emerging Local Plan. Together, we hope to create a robust and attractive context within which Salisbury will grow and thrive.

The Neighbourhood Plan is managed by a steering group composed of members of the Salisbury community and elected Salisbury City councillors. The steering group is supported by town planning consultants.

Neighbourhood Planning is based on consultation with the community. Throughout the 2-year preparation period, the steering group will be meeting with the wider community to understand what Salisbury needs. The whole consultation process will be started in May and June 2019 with a series of 6 consultation events. Once the aims of the plan have been established based on the events, we will form individual working groups to deal with specific policy areas and identify the planning evidence we will need to support our policies.

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Salisbury City Neighbourhood Area Designation
Wiltshire Council has recently approved Salisbury City Council's application for the Designation of Salisbury City Neighbourhood Area.

Click here to view the Latest Progress on the Wiltshire Council website.

Click here to view a copy of the notice and map of the approved designated Salisbury City Neighbourhood Area.

Community consultation events May and June 2019

Salisbury Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group hosted six public consultation events between May and June 2019. 

Click here to view data from these events.

Salisbury Neighbourhood Plan Draft Vision

Salisbury Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has collated data from six public consultation events in May and June into a Draft Vision document which can be read here