Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood Planning


In 2018 Salisbury City Council will be starting the process of neighbourhood planning. Would you like to be part of it?

We’ll be kicking off the process in the early evening of Monday 29 January 2018 with an open discussion and a series of speed-presentations and exercises, to give those who would like to get involved the opportunity to ask some key questions about Salisbury and its future.

• Which bits of Salisbury do you like and dislike? And why? 
• Which places could be improved? How?
• What are your favourite buildings and streets in Salisbury?
• What should new buildings look like?
• How should we move around Salisbury in the future? How should we manage the unavoidable tensions between cars, pedestrians and cyclists?
• How does what a place looks like and the shape of buildings and urban blocks influence our daily lives? What does the latest research tell us?
• How will new developments near Salisbury influence the city?
• Is the city centre of the future a place to work, to shop or to live?

The aim of the meeting, which starts at 5.00pm, will be to get everyone present thinking about the Salisbury of the future in very real and practical terms, to share some relevant research and examples.
There will be other opportunities later in the year but places at this first session are limited to 65. Please do pass this message on to anyone you think would be interested.

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