Annual Precept

Every year in January, Salisbury City Council agrees its budget for the forthcoming year at a meeting of the Full Council and sets its ‘precept’. The precept is the element of the Council Tax which is raised and spent by Salisbury City Council to fund the services it provides. As a Parish Council, Salisbury City Council does not receive any funding at all from Central Government, nor does it receive any rates from local businesses. For 2016/17, the precept is £105 per year for a Band D Council Tax property. This equates to around £2 per week per property.

Annual Return

Each year the Council is required to complete and submit to its external auditor, an ‘Annual Return’. Once the return has been approved by the Auditor, it is displayed on the Council’s noticeboard for a statutory period. The Annual Return can be inspected, on request, at the Council’s Information Centre. Please see the links below for previous Annual Returns:



Auditor’s Annual Reports

Annually, the Council’s finances are subject to both an Internal Audit and External Audit. The Internal Audit is currently performed by IAC Internal Audit & Compliance Ltd and the External Audit by Grant Thornton. The External Auditor’s report and Certificate form part of the Annual Return and are available for inspection, on request.

Notice of Electors' Rights - Your Right to Inspect the Council’s Accounts

When the Council has finalised the accounts for the previous financial year, usually by the end of June, we advertise that they are available for the public to view. This advertisement; ‘The Notice of Public Right’s’, is placed on this website and an advert is also placed in a local newspaper. The notice gives details of a period of 30 working days during which you may request to look at the accounts and supporting documentation. You can ask the External Auditor questions about the accounts for the year that they are auditing. Please note that the External Auditor will not answer questions which are not relevant to the accounts under audit. The Notice of Elector's Rights year ended 31 March 2016 can be found here

Notice of conclusion of Audit

The Notice of Conclusion of the Audit for the year ended 31 March 2016 can be found here

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Payments over £500

The Local Government Transparency Code (May 2016) holds that it is recommended practice for parish and town councils to publish information relating to individual items of expenditure exceeding £500 on a quarterly basis. In respect of the financial year 2016/17, this information will be published following the end of each quarter, a maximum of one month after the quarter to which it relates. The first publication will be during July 2016.

In accordance with the Local Government Transparency Code (May 2016) , the 2016/17 quarterly statements of individual items of expenditure which exceeded £500 are provided below:

April - June 2016
July - September 2016
October - December 2016

For all Finance queries please contact us by email:   Tel: 01722 342860