The Salisbury Teenage Markets

The Salisbury Teenage Market for 2017 are planned for Saturday 28th October, 11am - 3pm in The Guildhall Square, Salisbury:Teenage Market Poster April 2017

The Teenage Market gives young people who are already selling online a chance to trade at their local market.  It also inspires young people, who have never considered the idea of trading on a market to have a go.  As well as a creative retail offer, The Teenage Market also includes a performance element giving a free platform for local performers and large community groups to showcase their skills and talents.

Creative Stalls / Live Music / Performance / Fashion / Food and Drink / Workshops  and much more!

"I have always been an entrepreneur at heart, setting up a table outside the house, selling plants and fresh fruit from my greenhouse to the neighbours and passing trade. Yet also baking was a love of mine, I would create cakes, breads and everything in between, but I always wanted to take it further. So when my grandparents offered me the task of creating 150 cupcakes for their golden wedding anniversary I jumped at it and got to work and they were loved by everyone. Soon after, my dad showed me the advert for a ‘teenage market’ I got very excited, very quickly! I began creating a large variety of cupcakes, cookies and brownies and with the help of my good friend Emily. We made it to the day and had a great time. I loved talking to so many different people and the thrill of a sell made me know I wanted to do more. The next market rolled around and Emily and I created more cupcakes and I sold a new craze of mine, meringues. Bite size meringue kisses all flavoured differently from chocolate to raspberry, (they all sold well!) I have taken these experiences from the teenage market to setting up a small website, where I sell all my favourite creations. The website is called, which without the help and support from the teenage market would never have given me the courage and confidence to set up. Creating this small business has been a lot fun in between schoolwork, in preparation for my GCSE’S next year."

Ollie Peters, aged 14



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For more information & if you would like to perform or have a market stall at one of our future teenage markets please contact Annie Scadden Tel: 01722 340182.
Facebook: Salisbury Teenage Market
Twitter @salisbury_TM

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