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The Tree Wardens Scheme

The Tree Warden Scheme is a national initiative to enable people to play an active role in conserving and enhancing their local trees and woods. The scheme was founded and is co-ordinated by The Tree Council and Salisbury City Council has joined the Wiltshire Network of Tree Wardens which is coordinated by Wiltshire Council’s Rights of Way and Countryside Service.

Tree Wardens are volunteers appointed by parish councils or other community organisations. They gather information about their local trees, get involved in local tree matters and encourage local practical projects related to the trees and woods

Interested in becoming a Tree Warden for Salisbury City Council?

Contact our Parks team 01722 342860 or email

What's Involved if I become a Tree Warden?

Tree wardens need not be tree experts, only enthusiasts. The Tree Council provides each tree warden with a Handbook that covers all the basics they will need to get started and all the networks provide training.

Training can cover topics such as:

  • surveying woodland and non-woodland trees
  • summer and winter tree identification
  • tree planting and aftercare
  • woodland ecology and management
  • seed collection and tree law

Will I get any support as Tree Warden?

Tree wardens are supported in their work by their parish council or community group, which in turn will look to the Wiltshire Council's Rights of Way & Countryside Team for help in matters which are beyond its resources.

What sort of things would I do as a Tree Warden?

There will be opportunities to get involved in a wide range of tree warden activities which can include:

  • Planting and caring for trees
  • Setting up tree nurseries using seeds collected locally
  • Surveying trees and gathering information about them
  • Providing early warning of threats, diseases, decay or vandalism
  • Working with local groups and schools
  • Leading guided tree walks and giving talks to local groups

You can find more information on the Tree Wardens of Wiltshire website or to become a tree warden outside of Salisbury please contact Wiltshire Council, The Rights of Way & Countryside Team by email or give them a call on 01225 718647.

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