Take care in our parks this winter

The Council's Grounds team works throughout the year to keep our parks and public spaces looking their best, but over the winter period the team's first priority is to ensure that our parks and our buildings are as safe and accessible as possible.

This means much of our time is spent clearing leaves from well-used footpaths; working on important routes through our parks; and gritting the entrances to our public buildings, including the Guildhall & the Crematorium.

We try to get round as many of our spaces and buildings as possible – but we only have so many hands and so much time each day so we necessarily prioritise what we’re doing.

As such, some of our parks and open spaces will probably have snow and ice at some point this winter.  Snow can be great fun – tobogganing at Hudson’s Field anyone? – but it can also be hazardous, so please take a little extra care when you visit our parks and the mercury starts to drop!

  • Never assume that a footpath has been salted or gritted and that it’s free from ice
  • Wear sensible shoes and warm, waterproof clothing when you’re out
  • Allow a bit more time for your walk to work
  • Don’t take unnecessary risks – playing in the snow is fun, but running across an icy footpath could be dangerous

Lend a hand

Despite rumours, there’s nothing in law to stop you from clearing snow and ice from public spaces - so if you live near one of our parks and you want to help out by clearing a footpath then we’d really appreciate it!

It’s unlikely that you will be held responsible for any injuries if you’ve cleared a footpath carefully and sensibly, so here’s a few tips to help you out:

Tips for clearing snow & ice

  •  Use the correct tools: warm clothing; shovels; and salt, sand or grit
  • Clear snow and ice early in the day
  • Take care when you move the snow – including taking care with where you move it to!
  • Keep everything tidy

Do not use water – even hot or boiling water – to melt snow and ice. It’s only going to freeze again if the temperatures drop

Lastly, help us to help you – if you see dangerous patches of ice on any of our footpaths then let us know on 01722 342860 and we’ll do our best to get to them as soon as we can.

NB. Other footways around the city - including pavements and cycle routes – are looked after by Wiltshire Council.

These will only be treated in times of persistent ice or snow - and salting and snow clearing will be confined to those footways where there is a high pedestrian usage.

Grit Bins

Wiltshire Council is responsible for the majority of grit bins in Salisbury – including those alongside Salisbury’s roads.

Empty grit bins

If your grit bin is empty contact Clarence on 0800 23 23 23 or email clarence@wiltshire.gov.uk

Please note: Each grit bin is filled before the start of each season and then refilled when resources become available during winter.

To find out more please see the factsheet, or visit Wiltshire Council’s website:


The Folly

Tourist Information

Thursday Late Night Markets

SCC Late Night MarketJoin us on the following Thursdays from 5 - 9pm in the Guildhall Square and Market Place to browse a wide range of Food/Drink stalls and Food/Drink Vendors whilst enjoying the atmosphere and musical entertainment:

Thursday 5 May
Thursday 2 June
Thursday 4 August
Thursday 1 September

To apply to be part of the above markets please complete the relevant application form below:

Food/Drink Stall Application Form

Food/Drink Vendor Application Form

Stall Application Form

Thursday Late Night Market
5th May testimonials

"a very well organised market with a superb atmosphere that draws in the people...together with great communication from the team..planet waffle are always excited to be part of Salisbury markets."
Planet Waffle

‘I had an excellent night. Sold out by 7pm so will bring more next month! Well done it was well organised and the band were great!!’
Street Food Spain

‘Just sending this email to say a big Thankyou for allowing us to attend your first late night Foodie Thursday we appreciate the opportunity to trade at your event and would be grateful to be considered for the remainder of them.
I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and I feel the customers enjoyed the coffee.’
Coffee Go Go Go

We had a great evening. The Market Square provided the perfect venue for people to relax after work and enjoy some good music, a cold drink, and some tasty food in the evening sun. The atmosphere was vibrant, the band was buzzing and the food was great.  This is what the Square should be used for, a meeting place where people can enjoy the open space, socialise, relax and have a drink, get something to eat and perhaps listen to the music. Cheers.
Cantina el Burrito