Parks & Open Spaces

QE spring photoSalisbury is fortunate to be home to a number of parks, green spaces and children’s play areas, all providing residents and visitors with opportunities for sport, leisure and recreation.

Salisbury City Council takes great pride in these parks and open spaces and is dedicated to keeping the city green and in bloom throughout the year. 

Parks in Salisbury

Salisbury City Council manages and maintains the three main parks in Salisbury: Churchill Gardens, Queen Elizabeth Gardens & Victoria Park.

Future developments

Salisbury City Council is currently reviewing the management and development needs of the parks, open spaces, play areas and allotment sites in Salisbury. As a part of this, we have drawn up dedicated plans for a number of the sites listed above. Please contact us on 01722 342867 for more detailed information.

We are currently discussing and developing plans for Victoria Park.

Other open spaces

Additionally, Salisbury has a variety of green spaces offering further opportunities for sport or just taking a little time out. The largest of these spaces are Hudson’s Field; Wyndham Park Open Space; Harnham Recreation Ground; Middle Street Meadow; Bourne Hill Gardens; The Greencroft; and the Ashley Road Open Space and Fisherton Recreation Ground.


Play Areas Sports Walls and Skateparks

Salisbury City Council is responsible for approximately 20 children’s play areas and sports walls in and around the city.


Community Orchards

Salisbury City Council has planted two Community Orchards. One at Bishopdown Green and one at Fisherton Recreation Ground.

The Bishopdown Community Orchard has been designed to be user friendly and visually exciting – with varieties that have a stunning display of blossom as well as heavy, reliable crops.

The Fisherton Community Orchard has been designed to create an area for relaxing and picnicing amongst an interesting mix of twelve apple trees that are of UK heritage.

Click here to view the full details about our Community Orchards


Tree Wardens

Interested in becoming a tree warden? Click here to find out more.


Nature reserves and Wildflower areas

Salisbury City Council works in conjunction with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust in nurturing areas of the city with a view to supporting wildlife and improving biodiversity, including the Avon Valley Nature Reserve & Bemerton Folly.

We are currently working with Natural England, the Environment Agency and Wiltshire Wildlife Trust to replace the damaged boardwalk in the Avon Valley Nature Reserve.

The height of the river and the ground conditions mean that it’s still too early to offer exact dates for this work, but we’re hopeful of a start later in April. The work is set to be undertaken by Aquascience, the company that restored the riverbanks upstream. Updates will follow here in due course.

We are committed to improving biodiversity across the city with our first wildflower drift in Harnham Recreation Ground.

2012 saw the creation of a wildflower drift in Bourne Hill Gardens, working with Bright Seeds of Swallowcliffe, we have chosen two mixes of wildflower – an Old English Meadow mixture and a mix specially designed for shady areas. This project has improved the biodiversity of Bourne Hill, as well as adding colour and interest for insect, butterflies and human visitors alike!


Friends of Harnham Slope Group

We also support the work of the Friends of Harnham Slope group in maintaining and improving the stretch of woodland that runs behind Harnham junior school and the nearby houses.

Click here to view a copy of the latest plan for Harnham Slope


Litterdog poo sticker

We are responsible for keeping the city’s parks and green spaces clean and tidy – this includes emptying the bins in the parks.

To report full bins, litter or fly-tipping in our parks please contact us on 01722 342860

Residential & Commerical refuse collection is dealt with by Wiltshire Council 01722 434319

Bag it and Bin it! We are campaigning to raise awareness of responsible dog ownership in terms of cleaning up after your dog - reinforcing the message that 'Any Bin will Do! Click here to find out more.


Found a discarded shopping trolley in one of parks?

Please report directly to the relevant store.