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Take a look at the 2013 Salisbury in Bloom portfolio here


Each year, Salisbury City Council co-ordinates Salisbury’s entry into the South & South East in Bloom competition.
Is that like Britain in Bloom then?

South & South East in Bloom is the regional section of Britain in Bloom, the Royal Horticultural Society campaign that sees over 1,100 cities, towns and villages across Britain proudly celebrate and champion their communities, their environment and their horticultural successes.

Winners at the South & South East in Bloom awards can be recommended for entry into the following year’s Britain in Bloom competition, to vie for national honours and recognition.


This is based on two elements:
1. First off, we submit a written portfolio to the judges, usually in June, highlighting all of things that groups and individuals have done to make Salisbury brighter, cleaner, better & greener.

So let us know what you’ve done this year and we’ll look to include your contribution in the portfolio.

2. Secondly, judges take a guided tour of the city in July, scoring us on Horticultural Achievement; the Natural environment; Pride and Community Participation.

The judges are accompanied by Salisbury City Council officers, but on their way round they meet with the gardeners, the school children, the community groups and the businesses that make Salisbury the place and the city it is.

Much more than just flowers then...

Absolutely! Salisbury in Bloom is about taking pride in our city - keeping it clean & tidy and making it welcoming to the people who live here, the people who work here and all the people who visit us.

Salisbury in Bloom is about the gentleman who voluntarily picks up litter in St Mark’s Open Space whenever he walks his dog there because he wants to keep it looking good.

It’s about the Friends groups that get their hands dirty planting bulbs and trees because they care about what happens to their green or their woodland.
It’s about the shops and businesses that sweep their doorsteps each morning and every evening because it gets noticed.

To find out more call us on 01722 342860.

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