Booking a Charity Stall on Salisbury Charter Market

When are the Markets and what are the hours of trading? The Charter Markets are held every Tuesday and Saturday and core trading hours are 8am to 4pm in the summer, and to 8am to 3.30pm in the winter (between Christmas and Easter).

Where is the Charter Market? The Charter Market is located in the Market Place in the centre of Salisbury.

When are Charity stalls available? The charity stalls are available from the beginning of January until late November each year. Charity stalls on the Charter Market stop when the Christmas Market is on as the Christmas Market has a Charity Chalet that they let out throughout the period of the Christmas Market.

Where are the Charity Stalls located?

  1. There is one charity stall in the main Charter Market
  2. There is one in the Maltings Shopping Centre, next to the wishing well. The Maltings market stalls are independent of the Charter Market, however there is an agreement for them to have a charity stall.

What do I get when I book a Charity Stall? For the Market Place stall you get an umbrella and two tables 1.8m x 0.6m (6ft x 2ft). In the Maltings, charities provide their own stall and tables.

What are about unloading and setting up? Salisbury Markets Regulations are available here. Unloading and setting up needs to be completed by 8am and all vehicles removed from the market. Note: no charity vehicles can be parked alongside pitches. Vehicles can be parked in any of the Salisbury Car Parks; most traders use the central car park. For the Maltings pitch there is no vehicle access to the site, however you may unload from Priory Square and then remove the vehicle to a council car park.

What are about packing up at the end? Vehicles are allowed on the Market Place half an hour before the official closing time, once the clearance has been given by the duty Markets Officer. Any request to finish earlier needs to be made to the duty Markets Officer. If the Markets Officer agrees to an earlier finish, packing up may be done and items removed to the edge of the market for collection, a vehicle will not be allowed on to the market during trading hours unless specifically agreed by the Markets Officer.

How do I lay out the stall? The name of the charity must be displayed in a prominent position on the stall so that it can be clearly seen by customers. All items for sale must be sold from within the stall; items must not be placed on the surrounding area where they may cause an obstruction. All gangways/rights of access must be kept clear.

What are the regulations about selling food? All food to be sold must comply with the Food regulations Act 2006. All food for sale on the stall must consist wholly of covered food that does not require food storage. If you have any queries regarding selling food please contact Wiltshire Environmental Health, part of Public Protection Wiltshire.

If you sell food regularly for a number of events you may need to register with your local authority. For more information click here.

For any food specific information please click here.

How do I apply for a Charity Stall?  You will need to complete an application form and bring it in person (or send it) to the Markets Officer, Salisbury City Council, The Guildhall, Market Place, Salisbury, SP1 1JH. Call to arrange an appointment before attending the City Council. If you do not complete the form correctly or bring all the documents we need, we will be unable to process your application.  You also need to complete an indemnity form.

What do I need to bring with my application form? We need proof that the booking is on behalf of the Charity and the completed indemnity form, along with proof that the Charity has public liability insurance cover with a minimum of £5 million.

Why do I need Public Liability Insurance? Public liability insurance is needed to cover the Charity for any accidents, including personal injury or death to anyone shopping at or around the stall. Public liability insurance protects the Charity for any compensation that may have to be paid including legal costs.

Will an application form be accepted without all the correct documents? No. Unless we receive all requested documentation we cannot take the application. If you do not have/forget your original documents we can continue with your application as long as we see copies of all the requested documentation prior to the booked date for the Charity Stall.

How much does it cost? Currently the cost of a Charity Stall is £23.50. Payment is required in advance by cheque payable to Salisbury City Council and should be included with the completed application.

How do we cancel a booking? If you wish to cancel a booking we need at least 72hrs notice. Please phone 01722 342860 to cancel a booking. If you do not give this notice, then you will still be expected to pay for the use of the stall and no refund will be given.

What happens with Rubbish? Rubbish is the responsibility of the Charity. All rubbish should be removed and taken home for disposal at the end of the day. The stall must be left in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the day.

What about Fly-posting? Fly-posting is not permitted and the stall will be cancelled if this takes place.

Contact us: The Markets Office, Salisbury City Council, The Guildhall, Market Place, Salisbury, SP1 1JHTelephone: 01722 342860. Email: