Salisbury Carnival 2018

This year's exciting Salisbury Carnival took place around the streets of the City on Friday 19 October starting at 7.30pm until 9pm. 

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All money raised this year was in aid of The Mayor Of Salisbury’s Appeal which is the Rose Gale Trust and Children's Chance. 

A huge thank you to everyone who took part.

The winners of the community awards were:

Best Float Entry
1st - The Black Pearl's Disco
2nd - Phoenix Stars
3rd - Under The Sea

Best Walking Entry
1st - SCC Red Marrows
2nd - Starcast Companies
3rd - The Greatest Show

Best Business Entry
1st - Monster Mash
2nd - The Big Learner Relay
3rd - Tops Day Nursery

Best Steam Entry
1st - Fowler Steam Ploughing Engine
2nd - Steam Engine Goliath
3rd - Burrell Agricultural Steam Engine

Mayor's Award
Oceans Of The Future

Wessex GP Carnival Circuit awards:

Circuit Carts
1st - Muppets Carnival Club - Rock
2nd - Just Georges Carnival Club - Superheroes
3rd - Magnum Carnival Club - Votes For Women
4th - Storm Juvenile Carnival Club - Travelling Circus

Circuit Non VSO Carts
1st - Mini Revellers Juvenile Carnival Club - Trolls

Circuit Groups Of Masqueraders
1st - Hot Rock Juniors Carnival Club - On Safari

Circuit Adult Masqueraders
1st - Dee Gees Carnival Club - This Is Us
2nd - The Shepherd Family - Drum Major And Minor
3rd - Arneys Carnival Club - Once Upon A Storytime
4th - Sandra Major - Rhythm Of The Knight

Circuit Juvenile Masqueraders
1st - Izzy Wheeler - The Mad Scientist
2nd - Lotty Wheeler - Fruit Bat
3rd - Ruby Aldridge - Myth Of The Sea
4th - Alice Loftus - App Store
5th - Cheeky Monkeys Juvenile Carnival Club - Beauty & The Beast
6th - Alfred & Oscar Penny - Fright Night
7th - Saffron Aldridge - Wanna Be A Fairy

Circuit Anything Goes

1st - Harrison Aldridge - Tiggs On Tour
2nd - CISPP - Carnival In Somerest Promotional Project (CISPP) Loudspeaker Van

Mayor's Choice Best Overall Circuit Entry - Hot Rock Juniors - On Sarafi

 160 2139