The Salisbury City Council website uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to style information and images, all of which which can be overridden by the user.

The layout of the website in general is arranged, where possible, using XHTML that conforms to the W3C standards. For more details you can visit the W3C. Due to the content management system that is part of the website, some text is arranged using tables. Updates to the content management system will rectify this in due course.

The council website does not use frames on any of the website pages. Links to external websites may lead to you a website that does contain frames, however.

The council website makes use of Javascript for certain features, however if you have Javascript disabled you will still be able to use the website fully.

We do not use access keys on this website, as research indicates they may interfere with accessibility programs running on computers.

We are also heavily reliant on non-HTML-based web content, particularly PDF files. More information about the accessibility support within PDF documents is available at

Most computers can open PDF files automatically but if you have any problems you can download the free Adobe Reader software from the Adobe website.

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